Monday, November 9, 2009

Glass fetish

Is there such a thing?
I have always loved glass. I remember collecting pieces of it on the beach, smoothed down from the sand and salt in the water. I once lived above a stained glass shop, and I would often find beautifully color-swirled shards all over the sidewalk. I like that fact that it's usually cool to the touch, but it can also be made to be extremely hot.
I'm not sure how many bottles I have in my apartment, and I refuse to count them. They range from a small soy sauce bottle that I use to water my plants to antique decanters from the late 1800's. The weirder shaped, the better.

Antique Dr Jayne's Expectorant bottle-Aqua 6

Antique Castoria Bottle-Aqua 6

Glass Cobalt Rexall Bottle 7

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